Thursday, January 12, 2012

CFUV 101.9 fm Interviews the UC

Well, this Wednesday sure was a whopper. And no, I'm not talking about burgers. Unless of course you want to call UC at the club's days at UVic the bottom bun, the first UC class of 2012 the meat, and the interview the condiments and crusty top bun.

It sure went quickly! Melissa and Heather we're interviewed by Robyn on her program Women on Air. For the most part, they talked about the consensus process used in the collective meetings, and how we aim to be a non-oppressive, non-hierarchal (or non-hierarchical as I found out thanks to a roommate discrepancy and a dictionary with depth) class.

This fact is something counter to most conventional education where the teacher's role is that of a leader, making decisions and controlling the direction the class will take in attempts to reach a predetermined outcome. But here at the UC, we welcome a challenge, a minority voice or a new perspective. All are welcome to share, or just sit back and listen. So this is what the jist of the interview was about. Of course, Melissa and Heather could have gone off about the other amazing aspects of the UC, but we hope you all enjoy the lengthy description and explanations of our different structure. Maybe this will convince you to come out and see how it feels to participate in such a learning environment.

Well, why not have a listen?
Click here : and scroll down to Women on Air.

****Big thanks to Megan who tabled for over many hours this week!!****

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